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selling it all: goodbye hobbies


The memory is as clear as a Southern California day, I remember sitting next to my fellow classmates, the classmates that I attended school with since elementary, in chairs up on the stage - outside - and waiting for my last name to be called. I was graduating from high school, in Northern California, and had a limited number of choices pertaining to the direction of my future.

A few motorcycles that I built and sold to feed the college fund.

A few motorcycles that I built and sold to feed the college fund.

I did okay in high school and managed to earn a few scholarships - I believe a little over $2,000 when combined. I decided to attend community college that summer and buckle down in hope of receiving acceptance to University of California, Berkeley.

I started to sell everything that I had worked hard for over the years. I sold my Pokemon card collection; one Pickachu miss-stamped movie card was purchased for $450. I listed my Honda and Yamaha motorcycles on Craigslist and sold them for a loss. I knew that I was going to need as much money as possible.

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When I received the acceptance letter from Berkeley, I had around $5,000 saved. I had lived with my parents while attending community college and had kept my expenses as low as possible. But then, life happened. My parents told me and my younger brother that they were getting a divorce and that my mother was moving to Pennsylvania to pursue a job opportunity. No financial help would be provided. I tried to attend Berkeley on “hopes and dreams,” but soon realized that they would not fill my empty stomach. Before completing the first semester, I moved back to live with my dad.

I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I got a job as a vendor for a soft drink distributor in Northern California and decided to save even more for another year. When the year ended, and I left the soft drink distributor, I had saved an additional $5,000. I now had a total of $10,000 to work with. I was accepted to California State University, Fullerton, and I attended the university until graduation in 2015.