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side-hustles: sometimes they flop, but it's okay


Side hustles; not all of them work out the way that you want them too. As Grant Sabatier puts it in his side-hustle video, the key is to not over-invest during the start-up. I’ve over-invested in multiple application development side hustles, prematurely. I think of an idea, put the time and development into the application, create a new website to market the app, and then sit and wait. Weeks, months, years pass and no interest. I’ve learned the hard-way that marketing is key. The first step should be developing an audience, not a creative application - no matter how needed you think it is.

First, work on developing an audience. This can be done online, offline, or both online and offline. I am terrible at this. Personally, I don’t use any of the social media sites. The reason why I do not use any of the social media applications is not because I’m unable to do so, it is because I do not like creating posts about myself. I enjoy living in the moment and not being connected 24/7. In addition, I think that some things should stay personal and not be shared with your “friends” online.

My Literstats application running on my local machine.

The last side-hustle that I tried to start was the development of a text analytics application. I was able to use my knowledge of Probability and Statistics along with my development skills to create an application that calculated simple things like word frequency, document similarity - based on text, and sentiment analysis. The application is called Literstats (literature - statistics).

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Before launching Literstats, I had tried to launch a handful of other applications. One was called “Route Safely” and was designed to calculate the safest route to your destination. It used the Google Maps API and custom safety algorithms that I designed. Similar to Literstats, I jumped into development without developing an audience. My apps were built and tested; however, I had no one to sell them to. No one even knew about them.

Here’s a very interesting article on the Forbes website called “These Seven Startups Had Amazing Ideas - And Failed.” These ideas are way more clever than mine, and they still failed!