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yet another failed side hustle attempt


The table I made and am using in my apartment.

It was February 1, 2017, and I was packing up my studio apartment in San Clemente, California. I was getting ready to move in with my fiancee - girlfriend at the time. We signed a 12-month lease on an apartment in Placentia, California. I had a lot of things that I couldn’t bring with me to our new apartment complex. I gave my propane BBQ to my neighbor, threw out a bunch of truck parts that were taken off of my Sonoma and F350, before I decided to sell both and lease a Subaru WRX.

I had made a bed frame, one summer when I lived back in Chico, California, that I no longer needed. I also had a wooden futon that needed to go. I thought to myself, “well, we need a dining room table, and I have all of this wood from my bed and futon; why don’t I try to make one?” So, I started to think about the design, and once I had the picture of the finished table in my head, I began to measure and cut the pieces right in my studio apartment.

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In less than a day, I had designed a table for my fiancee and I. I thought that the table was/is pretty cool; we are still using it today. I started to research and thought that I could generate a side-income by making furniture from recycled/re-purposed wood. How am I going to show the world my table? I created an Offer-Up account and posted the listing - the cost was $250. Sure, I got a lot of interest; however, I could tell that the people interested were scammers. I pulled the listing after 6 months and decided to keep the table. A year went by, and I decided to make another attempt at selling the table. This time, I created an Etsy account and listed the item for a similar price. Months went by, and still not interest.

Either, one, no one else thinks that my table is interesting - which could very well be true. Or, two, the price tag is set too high. Or, three, no non-scammers are seeing my table. For this side-hustle, I do not feel enough of a drive to troubleshoot the issue. Currently, I have pulled the listing off of Etsy and decided to enjoy the table in my apartment. I chalk this side-hustle up as a failed attempt, another one to add to the list.