real money growth

step 6: how to continue to put your savings to work


Just like many routines, the key is to stay on the path towards financial independence by following the 6 savings steps.  It helps significantly if you choose to walk down this path with someone you are close to.  This person can be, and is certainly not restricted to, a significant other, brother, sister, or best friend.  There is no age that is too old to start the financial journey along the path towards independence, and there most certainly is not a minimum amount of money required to begin the journey.  Remember that you can make each dollar that you’ve earned work for you.  This can be achieved by investing.  Every dollar invested is put to work; its’ job is to make you more money!

If you ever start to feel like you are wandering from the path; it’s okay, take a step back and think about the reason that caused you to stray.  Was it a splurge related to your acquaintances, or was it an emotional purchase?  Can it be prevented in the future?  The goal is to not give up which is so easy to do.  When it comes to walking down the path to financial independence, keep in mind that it is not a race.  Contribute as much as you can to your savings accounts and invest the funds appropriate to your savings goals.  Also, remember to enjoy life along the path; it is perfectly okay to stop and smell the roses.