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investing in you: passing the microsoft 70-762 exam


Passing the Microsoft 70-761 exam felt great! The studying and hard work paid off! It was then time to start looking into exam 70-762. From what I had read, this exam is way more tough to pass. The areas to study are broad, and the amount of information to retain is large. I started to do my research and knew that I needed to study for twice the amount of time that I studied for exam 70-761. Reading this excerpt solidified these thoughts:

“The 70-761 exam is a piece of cake compared with this exam. This exam, is much harder and requires more effort and knowledge to pass. ” -

I read Jon Shaulis’ article “Hurray! I passed the 70-762 exam!” many times and went through his recommended study materials. I also relied on Oreilly video lectures to freshen up on some of the topics. Similar to my frugal approach of studying to pass exam 70-761, I used the Microsoft option called “Certify with Confidence.” This $265 bundle entitled me to three test attempts - one initial take and two retakes if needed. I also received access to the practice test on Pearson View which I took multiple times. I had just taken exam 70-761 on a Tuesday and gave myself the rest of the week to relax. When Monday came, I began to go over the material. On Wednesday, I scheduled the exam for the following Thursday at 9:30 PM PDT.

I freshened up on the material during the week and on the weekend. When Thursday came around, I was ready. I wanted to pass the first time so that I could move on to the last test required for the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. I started the exam and was making great progress. The questions felt difficult but not impossible to answer. With 50 minutes to spare, I submitted my test and the results displayed quickly on my screen. I had earned a 740 and had successfully passed the exam! Similar to Jon Shaulis, exam 70-762 took me less time to complete; however, my score for the exam was lower than my score for exam 70-761, even though I finished with time to spare. Passing both tests, I was issued the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development by Microsoft.