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pets: they can be expensive, but are they worth it?


A little over two years ago, right after my fiancee’s mother purchased a “Morkie” puppy, I really wanted to find a puppy of my own. I had grown up in a household with two dogs - a Border Collie, and a Jack Russell Terrier. At the time, I was living in a very small studio apartment in San Clemente, California. Space was very limited. I started looking for a small Yorkie puppy. After a few months of searching, I found one on Craigslist. I sent the owner an email - first negotiating the price. She wanted $650 for the puppy. I offered her $450 and did not expect a response. She emailed me the next morning and said that the price was okay. “Awesome!,” I thought to myself. We agreed to meet at a bank near West Covina on a Monday after work.

I left work in Aliso Viejo and was very close to the meeting destination when I got stuck in traffic. I never text and drive - not even when I’m stopped. However, I really wanted to meet the little pup. I texted the owner that I was 5 minutes away, and she replied that she would wait another 5 for me.

Rolly and me in Placentia, CA - 2017.

During the long 1.5 hour drive from Aliso Viejo to West Covina, I thought to myself, “man, do you really need the responsibility of raising a new pup?” I had already committed to the meeting, so I had to at least meet him. I made it to the bank and called the owner. She got out of an SUV near the front of the bank and placed the pup on the ground. It was dark, and I could hardly see him. He ran straight to me. I took a knee, and he laid down right underneath me. I asked the owner what his name was, she said “Rolly.” I knew right then and there that I was leaving with the little guy.

I went to the ATM and pulled out $460 - at that time you had to pull in increments of $20 - and gave her all of it. I asked her why she was selling him, and she told me that she was going to have another baby and couldn’t take care of both. We loaded him and his kennel into the back seat of my Subaru WRX, and I drove him back to my studio apartment that night. He cried a little along the way, but was quick to establish a bond to me. That was over two years ago. Rolly is now almost three years old and is cared for by my fiancee (momma-pup), her mom (grand-pup), and myself (poppa-pup).