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avocado toast: no thanks, i'll take mine with pb and raspberry preserves


Avocado toast – a millennial delicacy.  I never got into avocado toast for breakfast; however, I do eat toast every day and have been for the last 10 years.  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t cheat on my toast with bagels or waffles here and there on the weekends, but during the workdays, I stick to one slice with peanut butter and another slice with raspberry preserves.  When I get bored, which I occasionally do, I substitute the raspberry preserves for grape jelly.

Let’s look at the finances.  I buy a tub of Jiff peanut butter every three months for $3.84 at Walmart and a bottle of Smucker's red raspberry preserves for $5.98 every two months.  That’s $15.36 a year on peanut butter and $35.88 a year on raspberry preserves.  I go through a loaf of sourdough bread every two weeks.  I buy the bread loafs for $2.78 per loaf.  I spend around $66.72 per year on bread for breakfast.  Let’s add it all up: $15.36 + $35.88 + $66.72 = $117.96.  I spend $117.96 a year on breakfast toast – not bad.

Let’s look at the annual cost of avocado toast.  If the average cost of avocado toast is $1.65 per slice as mentioned in the article, “Fact-checking a mogul’s claims about avocado toast, millennials and home buying” – article found here – and that it is only eaten on workdays (261 days), then the annual cost would be $430.65.  My old-school, standard, and not-trendy breakfast of toast with peanut butter, and toast with raspberry preserves, is $312.69 cheaper than avocado toast, if eaten every workday.

Honestly, I love peanut butter and raspberry preserves on my toast and do not get tired of it!  This life-hack is easy for me to do.  You might not enjoy peanut butter and raspberry preserve toast as much as I do, but the logic of this hack can be applied to many more breakfast dishes.