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haircuts: how frequent and how much?


I’m terrible when it comes to getting a haircut. So bad, in fact, that I used to give myself haircuts during the first three years of college - I used one guard to do the top and sides and a few mirrors to trim the back. Yes, I was beyond cheap! But, this saved me $20 every two months. That’s $120 a year I was saving! I’m not as cheap as I was then; now I pay to have my hair cut.

Currently, my haircuts usually range from $20 to $25 every two months at Supercuts. I usually leave a $3 tip on top of that. I’m living in Southern California and things are pretty expensive around here. I just paid $4.05 for unleaded gasoline this morning, too. I know shops in a few cities over in which I can get my hair cut for under $10 bucks; however, during the workweek, I would spend hours in traffic getting there. The other option would be to go during the weekend. I could, but I still can’t justify the drive. One, I’ll probably use one gallon of gasoline to get there and back - so that’s $10 plus $4 ($14 total). Second, even without traffic, it still takes around an hour to get there and find parking.

I could definitely optimize my haircut strategy; however, to me, it is worth the extra $10 or so to get my hair cut somewhere close to me. I try to lower the annual cost by delaying my trip to the barbers. If I can go 2.5-3 months without a haircut, I feel like I’m saving money.