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soap: bar vs liquid - which is cheaper?


Bar soap or liquid soap, which do you use? Both have positive and negative aspects. When it comes to bar soap, I always drop it almost every time that I use it. I do feel that bar soap does a great job though, and that it leaves my skin nice and clean for the day. Also, it is much cheaper than liquid soap. I usually buy an eight-pack of Irish Springs bar soap for around $5 every 6 months. Liquid soap, on the other hand, costs me around $10, and I can get about 2 months use from it. Similar to bar soap, sometimes when I put liquid soap on my hand, it slides right off and down the drain.

For the past three years, I have only bought bar soap. Sometimes at Christmas, a relative will give me a gift pack of Axe liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner, and body scrub. I enjoy these items while they last but do not replenish them. If I were to purchase liquid soap every 2 months, I would spend $24 a year on soap. Instead, I spend $10 a year on bar soap. I’m saving $14 a year which may not sound like much, but if you save $14 a year on 20 items, that’s $280 saved. This would cover a nice weekend getaway or if invested, will grow significantly over the next 30 years. The goal is to optimize where you can, so that you can invest the annual money saved and use time and compound interest to grow your retirement savings. See HOW TO SAVE: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE to learn about the 6 steps that I personally use to save.