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hair products: wax, gel, or none, and what's the cost?


Growing up in Northern California, during the early 2000’s, I remember using the ICE spiker gel/glue. I also remember the frosted tips, too. Back then, when I was a kid, I didn’t have to purchase hair care products because my parents did for me. These products cost around $10-12 back then. When I grew up, and had to purchase them for myself, I no longer thought that the spiked look was cool. For the longest time, I didn’t use any hair products (high school - community college) besides shampoo at all. My hair styling budget was fully optimized! I spent $0 annually.

Over the years, I developed a habit of using a little Axe clean-cut hair wax now and then. I feel a little more professional when using it. The reason for the wax, rather than gel, is because I have very thick and curly hair. The wax gives my hair the hold that it needs. Over a year ago, I bought a 6-pack of the wax on Amazon for a little over $30. I thought that this was a great deal. I’ve used 3 containers and have another 3 to go. Doing the quick math, it looks like my hair styling budget is $15 a year. That’s not too bad at all!

Now, let’s look at the beard care budget. Yes, this budget does exist. I’ll go through phases where I’ll shave the beard and go for the clean-cut look, and then there will be times when I grow the beard out. I really prefer the beard, because I have a nice scar on my top lip which the mustache part of the beard covers. I bought a 4 oz container of Maestros Beard Butter - Spirited Blend two years ago and still have a little left. I like the way it smells, and it feels like it softens my beard a little. The butter cost me $13. My total hair care budget is $21.50 per year. This amount is still not that bad; however, it wasn’t as low as it was during my high-school and college years. Even though my hair care budget has inflated slightly over the years, I feel that it is pretty optimized.