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what happens after the lease?


After making two attempts to turn in my leased Subaru, it wasn’t until attempt three that I was successful. The first attempt, I took the car in to the dealership a few weeks early. I was debating on turning it in and renting a car or just taking Uber until I got my used truck I purchased. At the dealership I was told that the lease pre-check needed to be completed by Subaru; this was a little confusing to me, because I thought that I was at Subaru? The gentleman at the dealership told me that I should have received a postcard in the mail from Subaru that had a number on it to call in order to get the lease return pre-inspection. I drove home to start digging for the piece of mail.

I found the postcard and waited until Monday to call the number. When I called, I was told by the machine that they were experiencing a high number of calls and that if I left a voice message, I would be called back in order to set up the pre-inspection. I left a message and waited, waited, and waited some more. A day passed and no call. Two days passed and still no call. I called again and left a second message. Over 20 days passed, and my calls were not returned.

I then decided just to take the car in and hand it off. I woke up early on a Monday and drove to the dealership. A gentleman in the office told me that the lease-return guy would not be in till 12. Attempt #2, failure. I drove to work and then back to the dealership a little after 12. Oh, and the people at the dealership would not let me leave the car there for three hours until the lease-guy started work. I needed to hand him the keys and sign some paperwork. The third attempt was a success. The hand-off was easy and fast - 10 minutes tops. I asked how much I would owe on the car, and the gentleman told me that Subaru would contact me and let me know. It’s been a couple of weeks; I’m still waiting.

The overall leasing experience was good; however, I decided to purchase a used vehicle with cash. The vehicle is not as old as my 20 year old truck, but it’s definitely not brand-new. So far, the purchased used vehicle has been great, but I am definitely setting some money aside for future repairs.