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you're cheap: thank you, that's a compliment


Sometimes, I get told that I’m cheap; I choose to take it as a compliment. It means that I’m good at stretching a dollar and am conscious about saving. Over the years, I’ve actually started to change my thinking in that, when I’m around someone who spends freely, without thought or worry, I find it somewhat disturbing. Now, I’m not saying that you should save so much that you can’t enjoy life; I’m just saying that enjoyment can be a mindset and you can most certainly enjoy life and do it frugally.

With this in mind, I never try to cheat or underpay someone for their service or product. If my waiter does a great job, I’ve been known to tip well beyond %15. If the person cutting my hair at Supercuts takes their time and does a stellar job, then I pay them appropriately. However, if someone sells me a poor product or service, I still may tip them, but it’s no where near %15. There have been a handful of times - I can count on one hand - throughout my lifetime where I left no tip at all. I’ve never done this on food bills, though. I always leave a little extra.

The goal is to be frugal, mindful, and also respectful. I see some people arguing so hard for that extra $1. Sometimes, especially when it comes to a service that you may come back for in the future, arguing for that extra $1 is not worth the time. If you want an ongoing relationship with someone who is offering a product or service, then expect to pay a little more. Just remember, you are paying the little extra for a reason; you are beyond satisfied with the product and/or service.

I try to create ongoing business relationships with people offering the following services:

1) haircuts

2) automotive work - mechanics

3) coffee shops - sometimes you may be able to skip the line

4) doctors - optometrists - dentists

Maintaining a business relationship with a service and/or product provider that you like will ensure consistent quality in the future. The consistent quality of a product and/or service will make you happy for the years to come. If prices ever increase, you will need to weigh the cost vs the quality and start shopping around to see if you can get the same elsewhere for cheaper.