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leasing vs buying: what should you do?


When it comes to transportation, there is definitely more than a one-size-fits-all approach. When I decided to lease my first vehicle, a brand new 2016 Subaru WRX, I had become very frustrated with auto repairs. I owned my dream truck - article can be found here (#1 biggest financial mistake of my life) - and an old S10 that I used to commute to CSU Fullerton with. Owning the two trucks, at the same time, was draining my savings and consumed all of my time.

emergency fund: how much and where to put it?


An emergency fund is a necessity, but how much do you really need? I’ve read many articles about this topic, and the answer seems to be enough to cover 3-9 months living expenses - rent, car payment, groceries, cell phone, etc. For some, this may be $5,000, and for others, it may be $20,000. It really depends on your life style. I think that most people …

micro-investing: worth the effort?


I’ve been dipping my toe in and out of mico-investing over the last year now.  My first thought, “can it really be worth the time and effort when working with such low balances?”  My thoughts recently changed when I noticed, while logged in to my Robinhood account, that 100% of the Robinhood experts recommended “buy” on Amazon stock.  It was trading for around $1,800 USD per share.  I thought, “I’d really …

investing in you: passing the microsoft 70-761 exam


I’m a huge fan of investing in yourself.  Whether it’s attending community college, a prestigious university, or working toward certifications in your trade, attaining knowledge in your field cannot hurt you.  However, there are many people and institutions out there that try to take advantage by inflating and overselling products that aren’t really …