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investing in yourself: shop for deals - chasing FIRE


I’m a huge fan of investing in yourself.  Whether it’s attending community college, a prestigious university, or working toward certifications in your trade, attaining knowledge in your field cannot hurt you.  However, there are many people and institutions out there that try to take advantage by inflating and overselling products that aren’t really needed.

6 saving steps that lead to financial independence


Following these steps, you will be able to save and put your savings to work!  No matter how much money you make, these steps will lead you down the path to financial independence.

The 6 saving steps:

1) How to recognize and view an inflated lifestyle

2) How to reduce inflation - this will create savings

3) Where to put savings

4) How to put savings to work

5) How to maintain the simple lifestyle

6) How to continue to put your savings to work

vehicle rants: is there a right decision?


Here’s what I learned:

1) If you are not mechanical, bring someone who is.

2) Make sure to take your time and inspect everything.

3) Run the vin number to make sure that the mileage is as advertised, and that the vehicle is paid-off.

4) Research to make sure that you can pay for the fuel bill, insurance, and maintenance.

5) Sleep on it and really make sure that you want the vehicle.

6) When you perform any cash transaction, do it at the bank so that they can check the bills for legitimacy.

random product rants: can we save money?


The new style coffee cups are cool. Well, not cool in temperature, but cool in the ability to keep your coffee warm, throughout the day, for hours. I used to use an old-style cup that my soon-to-be father-in-law gave me until my fiancée brought home a new style cup from her work - it was a freebie. I never looked back at the old-style cup and sometimes wonder how we - humankind - have made it this far.